October 2022 - Climate Litigation Watch

More on the Mysterious Email About Hollywood’s Backdoor Funding of Government Climate Litigation

CLW readers know that New Jersey recently joined the wave of “climate” litigants claiming that energy companies caused global warming, to the plaintiffs’ detriment, and seeking to extract hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars (each) and also influence or even change federal policy, effectively imposing an agenda repeatedly rejected by a majority of the country.  […]

DC Court Rules: No Power to Balance Interests, Congressional Use of Activist-‘Consultants’ Beyond Public Scrutiny

Today, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled against award-winning journalist Rob Schilling’s effort to obtain records pertaining to a congressional committee’s “year long investigation” of private parties with the assistance of activist-consultants at least some of whom, donor websites boast, were provided for that very purpose. A purpose which, on […]

Congressional Climate Misinformation, Cont.

Last month, journalist Rob Schilling filed a Notice of Supplemental Authority with the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, in Schilling v. Speaker Pelosi, et al., a common law right of access lawsuit seeking records pertaining to the House Oversight Committee’s apparently unlawful (and non-ethical, per House rules) use of donor-provided outside consultants […]