December 2023 - Climate Litigation Watch

Energy Policy Advocates v. Regents (UCLA Law School)

CLW has been informed that the court in Energy Policy Advocates v. Regents—a California Public Records Act lawsuit seeking the UCLA Law School, Wells Environmental Law Clinic contract for providing clinical instruction with the “climate” plaintiffs’ tort from Sher Edling—has ruled, denying EPA’s request. CLW has not yet seen the opinion, but is informed that […]

DC Circuit Hears Argument re: Transparency When Congress Transgresses

Argument before federal appeals court panel examines whether public can see correspondence pertaining to donor-provided ‘staff’ to drive investigation of political opponents in aid of outside interests CLW readers are familiar with Schilling v. Speaker, the common law right of access lawsuit seeking records about the sordid affair of House Oversight Committee Chair Maloney and […]