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#ExxonKnew team: Where-Has All the Boasting Gone? – Part IV

The Bloomberg-funded State Impact Center and the state attorneys general he loves have adapted in the face of increased scrutiny of their questionable outsourcing of law enforcement to “advance the agenda represented by” the group (as memorably named by Virginia AG Mark Herring’s Office in its application for a “Special Assistant AG”). Climate Litigation Watch […]

Where Has All the Boasting Gone? Part III

No, Bloomberg’s Center and AGs Didn’t Cut it Out. They Just Clammed Up CLW readers will recall how billionaire climate activist Michael Bloomberg’s “State Impact Center” promiscuously shot off press releases boasting of this or that eager state AG agreeing to participate in a scheme placing private attorneys in their offices, to pursue matters of […]

Where Has All the Boasting Gone, Part II —

Consider the timeline involving some activist donors and the elected, law enforcement officers they love, who previously couldn’t shut up about how many of the latter the former was underwriting — including with privately hired “Special Assistant Attorneys General” — but who, after facing (apparently unexpected) scrutiny and pushback, have gone radio silent about that […]

Where Has All the Boasting Gone? Why have NYU, AGs clammed up about Bloomberg’s “Special Climate Prosecutors” scheme?

As CLW readers are aware, Michael Bloomberg is placing activist lawyers — privately hired, with Bloomberg’s cash — in compliant AG offices to pursue Bloomberg’s “climate” agenda. Records show that this began with civil litigation targeting Trump administration reforms in mind. However, as NY OAG’s “application” to the Bloomberg group working out of New York […]

Republican AGs Sharpen Arguments on Bloomberg AG Scheme

Daily Caller’s Chris White writes, “Republican attorneys general say billionaire Michael Bloomberg is engaging in a politically partisan ploy to use Democratic AGs to go after energy companies”. He quotes Indiana Attorney General (AG) Curtis Hill, a Republican, saying: “What’s problematic is the arrangement through which a private organization or individual can promote an overtly political […]