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Year in Review: Hey, Wha’ Happened?!

The State Energy & Environmental Impact Center was funded by Michael Bloomberg as a vehicle for hiring and planting “Special Assistant Attorneys General” (SAAGs) in AG offices “to advance the agenda represented by” the group. That meant funding, coordinating, and providing media cover for AGs to push their scheme to go after opponents of the climate […]

Climate Litigation and Politics 2020: A Tale of Two Media Blackouts

Media mogul, climate activist and financier of the climate litigation industry Michael Bloomberg recently announced his candidacy for President of the United States. At the same time, a memo leaked about Bloomberg News’s plans to cover the Presidential election (or, in part, to not cover it). As laid out in a WaPo headline: Bloomberg News will […]

Presidential Politics and the Climate Litigation Industry

Recent news reports of electoral aspirations possibly held by billionaire climate activist Michael Bloomberg prompts CLW to consider the political influence the man already clearly possesses among statewide elected officials, who he will need if the reports of his ambitions are true. To recap, Mr. Bloomberg easily seduced over a dozen top law enforcement officials […]

Massachusetts Miracle — Part I

Prospect of defending indefensible secrecy seems to have clarified OAG’s thinking Climate Litigation Watch readers are no doubt familiar with the secrecy surrounding Michael Bloomberg’s program to place privately hired, activist “Special Assistant Attorneys General”. His vehicle created for the purpose is a “State Impact Center”, housed at New York University. CLW has previously reported […]