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Real collusion: Tort Lawyers, Bloomberg, state attorney generals, and climate activists

This video illustrates what CLW has been educating the public about – deep pockets and special interests funding collusion between green groups, trial lawyers and state attorney general offices. Having convinced themselves of a just cause there is apparently no abuse of power, no skirting the law, and no regrets. To which they would say […]

CLW’s Timely “Attribution” Revelation, More En Route

Both from today: CLW understands the PR mavens have been working several news outlets overtime to get these stories, indispensable chairs in the symphony of climate alarm scheduled to bracket the upcoming, first #ExxonKnew trial. However, to the climate industry’s apparent despair, it won’t be much of a climate trial but instead has devolved into […]

Governors Slipping in Privately Hired Climate (Non-)Staff…or Not?

Today’s Washington Times reports on a scheme outed by Energy Policy Advocates, and first revealed by CLW, by which activist governors bring in privately hired “staff” to, as New Mexico put it, “to implement the Governor’s Executive Order on Climate Change”. USCA’s Julie Cerqueira is quoted disputing that any such program exists (actually…the UN Foundation’s […]