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Minnesota AG Race Becomes Interesting Thanks to Participation in Bloomberg “SAAGs” Scheme

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison, a bit less popular now in that rather chaotic state than four years ago, has three Republicans vying for their party’s nomination to take him on. Apparently all of them are committed, if elected, to firing the “Special Assistant Attorneys General” provided Ellison by billionaire climate activist Michael Bloomberg (chronicled in […]

Feeling Minnesota’s Got Problems

On the heels of documents discussed here, here and here (source documents here and here, h/t Energy Policy Advocates), CLW has perused further public records detailing just how Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison came to sue energy companies in his bid to join the climate litigation lottery and find “new streams of revenue.” For the […]

Minnesota Vice

Paper trail puts the lie to MN AG Ellison’s Office denial it is using privately hired attorneys Well this is interesting. Courtesy of Legal Newsline, we see the remarkable claim by Minnesota’s Office of the Attorney General that it has not in fact brought in privately hired attorneys. This was in response to a question […]