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A blow by blow account from the #ExxonKnew show trial in New York

From the Twitter feed of Frans Koster, who attended the proceedings yesterday, here are a series of Tweets. Note the last one.

Another day of the #Exxon trial and expert witness Dr. Bartov is still under direct examination. The Judge has been asking a lot of questions as well as the NYAG and seems fascinated on an intellectual level. #OOTT

6:37 AM · Oct 31, 2019
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I, on the other hand, have no background in accounting and am having some difficulty understanding and following arguments at the moment. Might not be a popular thing to admit, but so it goes. My tweets will likely be fewer as a result.
While the subject matter may be mind boggling, Dr. Bartov himself is a very entertaining and engaging witness.

now doing cross examination. They are using their most aggressive attorney on Dr. Bartov, to date the most entertaining witness. This should be fun, even if somewhat incomprehensible.

pointing out that the asset Bartov used in his accounting analysis is a mature asset, a gas asset, and on the US Gulf Coast – arguing this makes comparison to $XOM oil sands apples to oranges. #OOTT

Honestly just get Anderson (the attorney) and Bartov some boxing gloves and let them have at it.
Bartov: Now you are trying to create confusion by playing with semantics … Let’s look at the substance. Let’s not play games with semantics and look at the substance. Just to give a sense of the tone. He’s talking to #Exxon‘s attorney here.
Side note; Bartov is from Israel. I am assuming he is Jewish. Speaking as a Jew myself – don’t get into a semantic argument with us. It’s a bad idea. Especially when there’s a PhD involved. We’ve been practicing since we learned to talk.
#Exxon attorney Anderson notes Bartov is making about $200k for his reports/testimony with total costs to NY taxpayers around $500k. Bartov to Judge: Can I ask him [Anderson] how much money *he’s* making? Amazing stuff. #OOTT $XOM #climatechange