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More Public Records Illuminate Role of Climate-suit Recruiter CCI

CLW recently noted some educational public records released by the New Jersey Borough of Bradley Beach. Now, from an hour or three north in the Garden State, depending on one’s luck and timing, Glen Ridge has come through with some further records, broken up here, and here.

A quick perusal shows the production is incomplete, with numerous attachments missing, at least for the moment. Many of the missing attachments are the “Center for Climate Integrity” emails sending talking points or its “Leaders Digest”, a somewhat regular update for plaintiff-to-be political recruits.

Once again, thanks go out to Energy Policy Advocates for its efforts to educate the public about how public institutions come to be used in the way they are.

Still, as recently noted in this space about the Bradley Beach records, but now about these records, particularly the talking points and “Leaders Digest” emails: despite numerous other responses by other NJ municipalities, no one else has confessed to having been provided these docs. 

Again, oversight, private email accounts not or insufficiently searched, or other factors might, at some point, help explain this.