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New Filing Against Climate “Lawfare”

CLW just noticed this post on Energy in Depth. The petition seeking judicial defense against what the Texas Court of Appeals acknowledged is climate “lawfare” being waged across the country — what one might call “going after climate denialism–along with a bunch of state and local prosecutors nationwide” — to be very timely amid the […]

Texas Court of Appeals Decries Climate Lawfare; Urges State Supreme Court to Take Up Issue

The Texas State Court of Appeals for the Second District issued an opinion Thursday night on the matter of whether the state’s courts have jurisdiction over participants in the climate litigation industry by virtue of their targeting Texas companies. From Energy in Depth: On Thursday, an intermediate appellate court in Texas reluctantly denied a petition filed by ExxonMobil that […]

Climate Lawfare: Paris Treaty Shackles UK, Will U.S. Avoid?

From the Global Warming Policy Foundation, we see a UK court has blocked expansion of Heathrow Airport citing to incompatibility with the Paris climate treaty. That’s the “non-binding” ‘not-a-treaty-“agreement“‘, that withdrawing from is silly because, you know, it won’t actually do anything so why not stay in… This lawfare was long-predicted, in a late 1990s […]

“Missing Link” Judge Strikes Again

CLW readers recall the claim made by a federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York of a “missing link” between donors, activists and elected law enforcement and other officials, in dismissing the idea that these parties have all improperly combined to orchestrate the ongoing “climate” lawfare sweeping courts […]

‘Sheldon has not been well managed’

CLW sees this paper just published by the Senate, ah, Budget Committee picking up the mantle of the donor-staffed (in violation of House Ethics Rules) House Oversight Committee investigation into energy companies daring to resist brigandage. CLW spotted this own-goal right up front. Hey, that phrase sounds familiar. CLW recalls a set of handwritten notes […]