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More on that Misreported MD AG #ExxonKnew “Constituent Meeting”

CLW recently revealed that when “Maryland AG Brian Frosh took a meeting with one of his constituents — Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica” (Politico), this was not a very useful description of the gathering. We now know what was reported as constituent service was in fact another in a series of presentations of “climate nuisance” lawyer Matt Pawa’s “What Exxon Knew” recruiting pitch — asking AGs to launch “What Exxon Knew” investigations of the same company he’d been targeting for years for damages, but was getting nowhere with and had called for law enforcement to give an assist with some subpoenas.

The emails Politico viewed referred to arranging schedules for “the attorney’s” [sic]; the story did not mention this. It does not seem that Politico published the emails. Energy Policy Advocates looked into it, and obtained the emails sent to Politico. Digging further, EPA then found that other emails listed attorney Ben Krass of Massachusetts’ Pawa Law Group as a participant. (Like Michael Bloomberg, the plaintiffs’ bar targeted Frosh early on).

Relevant, below see an email to California AG Kamala Harris’s office the day before Pawa and Krass gave their presentation. Which was three days after they gave it to Healey’s office.

As CLW readers by now well know, mere weeks after Pawa’s pitch to Massachusetts’ Maura Healey, she announced an investigation into — her words — “What Exxon Knew“. Amazing how this works, more on which, tomorrow.




Sadly, the press are missing one heck of a story, and CLW eagerly awaits proper journalistic interest in these abuses of law enforcement office. It just may take parties the media don’t embrace quite so tightly doing the same thing, in pursuit of agendas also less near and dear to media hearts, before our watchdogs stir from their slumber.

In the name of political and legal hygiene, here’s to some AG arranging for that, and testing this quietude, sooner rather than later.