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“Missing Link” Claim Dealt Another Blow: New Emails Show AG Kamala Harris Office Helped Plan La Jolla Climate Litigation Conference

“She was in the vanguard of the new progressive state AGs who use prosecutorial power against opponents. Watch for this in the Harris Administration in 2025, if not sooner.” — Wall Street Journal Editorial, “Getting to Know Kamala Harris”, August 13, 2020 Back in March 2018, Judge Valerie Caproni of the U.S. District Court for […]


From Energy In Depth: Last week, two state attorneys general spearheading the climate litigation campaign against energy companies, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, were sued by government watchdogs for refusing to turn over records regarding their coordination with outside organizations. … Since the comprehensive failure of the New York attorney general’s […]

Ashamed Climate Industry Advocates Seek Moral Clarity

The San Jose Mercury News has run a rather remarkable piece by Ed Maibach, director of the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, and Amanda Millstein, co-founder of Climate Health Now, titled “Demanding moral clarity from Stanford on fossil fuels.” There may have been better moments to appeal to the authority of […]

Face-Book Friends: Get Yer ‘Climate Fraud’ Presser Scorecard

Can’t tell your crusading AGs, tort lawyers, and activists without a scorecard! CLW readers may want this keepsake souvenir “Face-book” from the secret pre-briefing of state attorneys general by the activist/tort bar team, moments before the now infamous March 2016 Manhattan press conference launching “The Climate-Change Lawsuit Debacle“. The courts took note of this event […]

Did Massachusetts AG Just File a Tort Lawyer’s Slide Show as a Lawsuit?

These past two weeks CLW has documented how, just weeks her office took in a slide show presentation titled “What Exxon Knew” from a plaintiffs’ attorney touring OAGs looking for “a single sympathetic attorney general” to help out his flagging litigation campaign against the energy industry, Massachusetts’ AG Maura Healey announced an investigation into — […]