November 2019 - Climate Litigation Watch

Bloomberg Center/Climate Industry Playbook Continues

Here is a nicely executed effort, a staging of the next step in a staggered campaign of ‘climate’ investigations and litigation having no realistic aim of prevailing, but aimed at squeezing parties to accept settlement demands of $100s of billions. h/t @JunkScience GAO’s intervention was spurred by a December 4, 2017 request. On a completely […]

Exxon hits back hard against NY Attorney General Letitia James in court filing

Exxon Says N.Y. Used Fraud Claims to Score Political Points By Erik Larson You’d expect most companies accused of a longstanding fraudulent scheme to be thrilled if the government dropped those claims against them. Not so for Exxon Mobil Corp. — at least not today. The energy giant unleashed a torrent of criticism against New York Attorney […]

Presidential Politics and the Climate Litigation Industry

Recent news reports of electoral aspirations possibly held by billionaire climate activist Michael Bloomberg prompts CLW to consider the political influence the man already clearly possesses among statewide elected officials, who he will need if the reports of his ambitions are true. To recap, Mr. Bloomberg easily seduced over a dozen top law enforcement officials […]

A Reminder About Elected Officials and the Tort Bar

CLW just spotted this, from CEI, as it learns more and more about how AGs and plaintiffs’ lawyers created the climate litigation industry, in part with resources provided by activist donors (including things arguably of value to the individual elected officials): Among the more interesting facts CLW has learned is that the same plaintiffs’ firms and […]