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Honolulu-lulu II

Following up on this post, it seems the Hawai’i Supreme Court has completely reversed course — and CLW means completely — when it comes to releasing records about its justices’ participation in the climate litigation industry’s seminars to parade plaintiffs’ witnesses and amicus filers in front of as many judges as possible who might hear […]


Following up on this item, CLW has learned that the Hawai’i state Supreme Court has released a few records to Energy Policy Advocates pertaining to the remarkable series of ‘seminars’ — launched after two setbacks in court for the band of litigious warriors in 2018 — for judges to hear from plaintiffs’ counsel, plaintiffs’ witnesses, […]

Playing Hide-the-Docs

CLW has recently documented how public records lay out in some detail the playbook being run by the climate litigation industry, now apparently being coordinated by a Rockefeller Family Fund project, Center for Climate Integrity. Wednesday, CLW posted some public records showing CCI’s courtship of Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum. Today we see the development of […]