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Previously Sealed Emails to NY AG Private Account Give Glimpse of Donor-Activist-Litigation Axis

The long and sordid history of the New York OAG’s disastrous prosecution of ExxonMobil for alleged climate crimes, gamely replicated by Massachusetts AG Maura Healey in Massachusetts as the New York case disintegrated in court, is well-chronicled here at CLW.  As is the more recent push to obtain records sealed during that first action. At […]

Washington State AG Wants Court to Seal Explanation of its Involvement in Climate Litigation, Continuing its Effort to Shield Public Information

In an unusual move, well after merits arguments concluded the Washington State Attorney General’s Office has asked the Thurston County Superior Court to allow it to file a sealed affidavit by the Chief of its Environmental Protection Division, William Sherman, explaining why four- and five-year-old memos about possibly joining the New York AG’s Office in […]

Missing Tort Lawyer Tobacco Memo to Schneiderman Released

CLW previously reported that: newly released records shed further light on the dangerous deployment of law enforcement to advance private ends, at the request of private parties. Reviewing the request, and a transcript from The People of the State of New York v. Exxon Mobil — which discussion prompted the request and proved these records exist — we note […]

Baltimore Claims Green Groups Are “Consultants” in Climate Litigation

In a somewhat unusual filing in response to a lawsuit filed by Government Accountability & Oversight, P.C., on behalf of the transparency group Energy Policy Advocates, the City of Baltimore claims that the Union of Concerned Scientists and/or the Center for Climate Integrity are “consultants” in the City’s contribution to the “climate nuisance” litigation wave […]