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Supremely Good Timing

You likely have heard that the Supreme Court reached the right decision today in BP plc et al. v. City of Baltimore. That opinion concerns a mildly weedy procedural mater (whether the 4th Cir. erred in holding that it lacked the power to consider all of the defendants’ grounds for removal), but a critical one given the circumstances, and an opinion which should help in removing these cases […]

Amicus Filer EPA’s Comment on SCOTUS Opinion in Mayor & City of Baltimore Climate Nuisance Case

Energy Policy Advocates issued the following statement to CLW: The Supreme Court’s opinion this morning in Mayor and City of Baltimore v. BP plc et al., serves as another reminder of the importance of the state vs federal jurisdictional issue in the wave of “climate” litigation washing over state courthouses around the country. All of these […]

An Open Letter to Those Being Targeted by Progressive State AGs and Municipalities

The Vermont Office of the Attorney General has filed an opposition to Energy Policy Advocates’ request, in an open records lawsuit, to inform the Washington County Superior Court about public records released by other states. Vermont’s AG apparently thinks these are too sensitive for Green Mountain State taxpayers to know about. It also doesn’t think […]

Minnesota Confidential

Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush…  CLW is scratching its head trying to square this signed agreement, released in litigation brought by Energy Policy Advocates …with this boast by an environmental activist …who, it turns out, still serves on the advisory board of a (different) climate activist group with the very same Bloomberg-hired […]

CT AG Joins Climate Litigation Sweepstakes: Documents Show Recruitment by Tort Bar, Neighbor Outed as Seeking “Sustainable Funding Stream”

Latest AG to Put Bloomberg-Financed Attorney to Work Chasing Energy Companies From the Hartford Courant, which hints at an important point its source in the AGO may have let slip (emphasis added): Connecticut on Monday joined a growing list of states and local governments using litigation to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for causing climate […]