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Public Employee Use of [email protected], Other Listservs Revealed in AG Records Case

Energy Policy Advocates, through local counsel Upper Midwest Law Center and James Dickey of Helmuth & Johnson, filed its memorandum of law in an open records lawsuit against Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. 

Ellison’s Office has quietly added not one but two privately hired, Michael Bloomberg-funded “Special Assistant Attorneys General” to pursue issues of concern to the billionaire climate activist but also, according to its cryptic refusals to produce public records, may be working with “climate nuisance” law firm Sher Edling. 

That issue is one of several at issue in EPA v. Ellison, and it is difficult to tell for certain because, as the brief mentions, Ellison’s Office has been an outlier when it comes to cooperating with its legal obligations to let the public see the documentary record of what it’s up to (that is a polite way of saying the MN OAG routinely classifies the docs it does not want to release as not public information).

Among the points of interest in the filing, “Public records show that “Google groups” (discussion groups in which all parties are copied by emailing one address, e.g., [email protected], [email protected]) including public employees are routinely created for the purpose of discussing the above-mentioned climate change and environment-related litigation campaigns.”

Horner affidavit.

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Memorandum of Law.

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