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More Public Records Illuminate Role of Climate-suit Recruiter CCI

CLW recently noted some educational public records released by the New Jersey Borough of Bradley Beach. Now, from an hour or three north in the Garden State, depending on one’s luck and timing, Glen Ridge has come through with some further records, broken up here, and here. A quick perusal shows the production is incomplete, with numerous attachments missing, […]

GAO Sues Multnomah County for Improperly Withholding Record of Litigation Coordination with Activists

Following on the closing note here, GAO has filed suit under Oregon’s Public records law for correspondence containing the email domain of a group that appears to have been instrumental in the County punching its ticket in the climate litigation sweepstakes, For a walk-through of how this group works you can see an amicus […]

California Schemin’

In September California Attorney General Rob Bonta joined the climate litigation cavalcade seeking to pay for green new deal goodies without openly raising taxes. It was a funny lawsuit: Gov. Gavin Newsom flew to New York City to announce it to a “Climate Week” audience more receptive than constituents suffering under punishing gasoline prices. Bonta […]

Amicus Brief Details Climate Litigation Campaign’s Political Origins

Newly obtained records withheld for seven years reveal NYAG attorneys abandoned misgivings about pre-packaged “subpoena suggestion” after months of activists’ climate-lawsuit lobbying “[M]aybe he can come to see that he’s wrong” met “Please do know that I want to find a way on this as much as you do”, and politics carried the day This week, […]