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Mementos of House Hearing Witness, #ExxonKnew Author’s Role in Climate Litigation Industry

Naomi Oreskes is the Zelig of the climate litigation industry, appearing in every agenda or list of attendees at landmark “secret”, “delegitimize” and other infamous gatherings: As CLW wrote earlier:

Trotting out activists Naomi Oreskes and Sharon Bordas is something of an effort to get the band back together from the “secret meeting at Harvard”, the sordiddelegitimize” meeting, and infamous La Jolla gathering calling for “a single sympathetic attorney general or even district attorney” to help the plaintiffs out. (Documents obtained from the latter revealed the long-ago scripting of 2019’s spectacle of “world-wide youth marches” scripted for the movement.).

A U.S. District Court described that Oreskes-Bordas, La Jolla-launched pursuit of AG investigations of perceived opponents of a shared agenda as one of the “‘strategies to win access to internal documents’ of fossil fuel companies”. 

Below are some documentary mementos of Oreskes’ featured role — along with her co-witness in a House hearing on Wednesday, Sharon Bordas — at the “secret meeting at Harvard”, for AGs and “prospective funders” of “potential state causes of action against major carbon producers”, which one participant described to a major donor as “about going after climate denialism–along with a bunch of state and local prosecutors nationwide”.

As the donor said, “fascinating”.

Just so there’s no confusion about what’s going on.