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Rhode Island Responds to Documents Provided to Court, Disowns (Second-Sourced) Claims by Official at ‘Private’ Rockefeller Meeting

Read the response here. In sum, we’re not saying those two separate sets of notes are real but, if they are, the head of the Department of Environmental Management wasn’t telling the truth about about us suing oil companies to get a “sustainable funding stream” because the legislature doesn’t share the executive’s ‘green’ spending priorities. […]

‘Sheldon has not been well managed’

CLW sees this paper just published by the Senate, ah, Budget Committee picking up the mantle of the donor-staffed (in violation of House Ethics Rules) House Oversight Committee investigation into energy companies daring to resist brigandage. CLW spotted this own-goal right up front. Hey, that phrase sounds familiar. CLW recalls a set of handwritten notes […]

California Schemin’

In September California Attorney General Rob Bonta joined the climate litigation cavalcade seeking to pay for green new deal goodies without openly raising taxes. It was a funny lawsuit: Gov. Gavin Newsom flew to New York City to announce it to a “Climate Week” audience more receptive than constituents suffering under punishing gasoline prices. Bonta […]